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 Our company;

One of our objectives is to Implement low cost-effective maintenance practices leading to high productivity. Our primary objective is to pool our vast professional experience together to render professional services in the engineering sector to build a reputation for high quality engineering services and support with extra ordinary emphasis on customer service. As a competent service provider, we have technical personnel in all these fields with vast experience and self-motivated to meet our customer expectation.

Since inception as a Company in 1997 in Kampala, Uganda we have been in business executing a number of jobs with various companies and organization in Uganda, Rwanda, Sudan and Kenya; below we list some of the jobs among others:-
12       Participated during the Owen Falls Extension Project 2004-2007 Under           Alstom Power Generation AB
11       BATU Electrical Refurbishment Kampala Plant
10       Electrical Sub contractors Units 13,14 and 15
9       Installation for Electrical and Mechanical works at Bakherasa Millers
8       Generators and Electrical Maintenance contract with Stanbic Bank (U)
7       MTN Electrical Contractor

These and other works Coupled with the experiences of our technical team puts TTS in position to execute this particular work successfully.

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