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 TTS Rwanda; Rwanda  

One of our objectives is to Implement low cost-effective maintenance practices leading to high productivity. Our primary objective is to pool our vast professional experience together to render professional services in the engineering sector to build a reputation for high quality engineering services and support with extra ordinary emphasis on customer service. As a competent service provider, we have technical personnel in all these fields with vast experience and self-motivated to meet our customer expectation.

Since inception as a Company in 1997 in Kampala, Uganda we have been in business for eleven (11) years executing a number of jobs with various companies and organization in Uganda, Rwanda, Sudan and Kenya; below we list some of the jobs among others:-

12       Participated during the Owen Falls Extension Project 2004-2007 Under           Alstom Power Generation AB
11       BATU Electrical Refurbishment Kampala Plant
10       Electrical Sub contractors Units 13,14 and 15
9       Installation for Electrical and Mechanical works at Bakherasa Millers
8       Generators and Electrical Maintenance contract with Stanbic Bank (U)
7       MTN Electrical Contractor

These and other works Coupled with the experiences of our technical team puts TTS in position to execute this particular work successfully.

We have done it before and we can do it even better

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